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This iconic brand symbolizes performance and a winning spirit, exuding vintage charm, unmatched class, and timeless elegance. FREYRIE was established in 1927 crafting snow skis. In 1950, the company ventured into water ski production and has since held the undisputed position of a market leader for an extended period. In [...]

Dimensione Danza

We are a second skin, the actions and thoughts that characterize every life. We are an overabundance of cheerful ideas and emotions, with an irrepressible desire to overcome our own personal boundaries. We are the relentless change that shapes new worlds, the delicate doubts that push us to create [...]

Suomy & Meccaniche Veloci

We developped a co-branding project between Suomy, the worldwide famous racing  helmet company, and Meccaniche Veloci, a company specialized in perfomance  watches. Meccaniche Veloci has presented a collection with the watch faces airbrushed by Suomy  using the same technic and designs of the racing helmets (2012-2014). [...]

Italian Football Clubs

Italian Football Clubs Development of a new business model for the merchandising management of the top-flight Italian Football Clubs with an increase of the royalty revenues of the 300% in the first 2 years. Approximately 20 new products collections created in 2 years time for each team. Introduction of [...]


We are Brand Advisor of Lambretta. In 2017 the new Lambretta Scooter has been presented. Launched in 2019 it is now being distributed in the UK, in Europe, and in the Far East countries. We are now developing the Brand Extension project. [...]

Leonardo’s Codex Atlanticus

INVENTOR, ARTIST, GENIUS… The first Italian designer ever with a penchant for being incredibly  ahead of his time. He didn’t just invent new things, he also came up with concepts  and designs which took centuries for mankind to implement and develop. A visionary who merged art and science to [...]

Van Gogh, Irises

Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853 – 1890) - Irises, 1889, Oil on canvas - 74.3 × 94.3 cm (29 1/4 × 37 1/8 in.), 90.PA.20 - The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles Maybe the world best known painting. In 1987 this painting was bought [...]


Willow is an Italian neo-pop artist who transports us to a world of vibrant colors and continuous drawings. Since the early 1990s, the post-modern artistic movement known as Neo Pop has been gaining international recognition. It spans from the United States to Europe, Latin America to Russia, and extends [...]

Opera Historical Archive

Italian Opera Arts The Ricordi Historical Archive is a private collection  and tells the story of the most important Italian Operas  and of La Scala Theatre in Milan. The Archive is housed within the Palazzo di Brera in Milan. The universally known masterpieces of Rossini, Verdi, Puccini, [...]

Luciano Barbera

Luciano Barbera is a deeply Italian brand, born in Biella, and synonymous with quiet elegance. The collection is a manifestation of the beliefs of its founder, Luciano Barbera, still today involved the creation processes of the collections. In the last five decades, Luciano Barbera has grown to become a leading luxury menswear brand [...]

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