Willow is an Italian neo-pop artist who transports us to a world of vibrant colors and continuous drawings.

Since the early 1990s, the post-modern artistic movement known as Neo Pop has been gaining international recognition. It spans from the United States to Europe, Latin America to Russia, and extends to the Far East in China and Japan. This movement introduces a galaxy of new customs, social norms, and behavioral habits, prompting the need to give voice to impactful new icons that reflect the current era.

Neo Pop is precisely that, a new and unprecedented wave within the pop culture sphere. It surfs the waves of web and social media communication, making its presence felt in street art, the underground scene, music, product brands, comics, marketing, fashion, advertising campaigns, web design, digital art, and various youth subcultures.

Willow’s canvases exude originality within the realm of Neo Pop. They showcase unique living beings that traverse between stars, musical notes, gears, bubbles, and onomatopoeic elements.

All these elements converge into chaos, a background of chaos that sometimes achieves perfection in proportion and geometry, other times appears red, at times becomes inextricable, and occasionally takes on a dreamlike quality.