Suomy & Meccaniche Veloci

We developped a co-branding project between Suomy, the worldwide famous racing  helmet company, and Meccaniche Veloci, a company specialized in perfomance  watches. Meccaniche Veloci has presented a collection with the watch faces airbrushed by Suomy  using the same technic and designs of the racing helmets (2012-2014). [...]

Italian Football Clubs

Italian Football Clubs Development of a new business model for the merchandising management of the top-flight Italian Football Clubs with an increase of the royalty revenues of the 300% in the first 2 years. Approximately 20 new products collections created in 2 years time for each team. Introduction of [...]


We are Brand Advisor of Lambretta. In 2017 the new Lambretta Scooter has been presented. Launched in 2019 it is now being distributed in the UK, in Europe, and in the Far East countries. We are now developing the Brand Extension project. [...]


Development of the strategic plan to re-fresh the Brand positioning New advertising campaign with photos by Giovanni Gastel Brand extension strategy based on worldwide licenses and partnerships for the men’s apparel and accessoriescollections. The company achieved a 300 percent increase in the turnover in only three years time. 2000-2006 [...]


Development of a plan aimed to support Brembo worldwide positioning of leader in new technology research and development (2008-2012) Creation of a unique project based on motor vehicle safety. Development and patent of a new and effective motorcycle airbag system to protect motorcyclists in the event of a collision [...]


We have supported the bankruptcy receiver in enhancing the value of the Brand and to settle the sale of the Brand at price decided. Our strategy has been based on new licensees scouting and on BtB communication. We have taken the royalties revenue to double and more in 2018 [...]


Baldinini is one the most well known Italian Fashion Shoes Brand in Russia. We have supported  the Property in its growth with new licenses and collections.

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