This iconic brand symbolizes performance and a winning spirit, exuding vintage charm, unmatched class, and timeless elegance. FREYRIE was established in 1927 crafting snow skis. In 1950, the company ventured into water ski production and has since held the undisputed position of a market leader for an extended period. In [...]

Dimensione Danza

We are a second skin, the actions and thoughts that characterize every life. We are an overabundance of cheerful ideas and emotions, with an irrepressible desire to overcome our own personal boundaries. We are the relentless change that shapes new worlds, the delicate doubts that push us to create [...]

Luciano Barbera

Luciano Barbera is a deeply Italian brand, born in Biella, and synonymous with quiet elegance. The collection is a manifestation of the beliefs of its founder, Luciano Barbera, still today involved the creation processes of the collections. In the last five decades, Luciano Barbera has grown to become a leading luxury menswear brand [...]


A world leading design house established in 1930 in Turin, Italy. An heritage full of icons, revolutionary products and men that made the history of Pininfarina unparalleled. Since the foundation in 1930 Pininfarina has been designing, engineering and manufacturing cars for the most prestigious clients. Pininfarina is the emblem [...]

Tommy Mikino

Tommy Mikino is a sly pirate, born in 2006 from the imagination of Carlotta Medas. Characterized by a cold and threatening gaze, a thin build and great agility, he is particularly notable for his long ears and disproportionate incisors. Tommy Mikino is mysterious and ambiguous, irresponsible and impostor, impudent [...]

Lambretta Club International

Hundreds of Lambretta Clubs have been established all around the world since the ‘50s and all of them witness the passion and the extraordinary story of the Lambretta scooter, produced in Milan along the Lambro river,  and sold worldwide in the ‘50s and ‘60s. To the members of the [...]

Ashwood & Blake

Ashwood & Blake was born in Manchester at the beginning of the last century and after the First World War became official supplier of the British Royal Family. In the early 1980s Ashwood & Blake opened a showroom for distribution and sales throughout Europe. At the end of the [...]

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