Willow is an Italian neo-pop artist and he takes us to a world made of plain colours and continuous drawing.

From the beginning of the 90s of the last century, the post-modern artistic current of Neo Pop began to develop internationally. From the United States to Europe, from Latin America to Russia, all the way to the Far East in China and Japan. With a galaxy of new uses, customs and social, ethical and behavioral habits. And therefore the need to give voice to new icons with a strong emotional impact, icons of the present. The Neo Pop precisely: a new and unprecedented pop wave. A wave in the saddle of web and social media communication, which manifests itself in street art, in the underground, in music, in product brands, in comics, in marketing, in fashion, in advertising campaigns, in web design, in digital art, up to the most varied spheres of youth sub-cultures.

Willow’s canvases radiate originality in full Neo Pop. Unique living beings that move between stars, notes, gears, bubbles and onomatopoeic traits.

All these ingredients polarize over chaos… a chaos in the background that is sometimes perfect in proportion and geometry, sometimes red, sometimes inextricable, sometimes dreamlike.